31 March 2013

Happy Easter to all, and to all a good night

I've really struggled with my desire to attend church these past few months. With just the way my ward is, I feel like nobody cares who you are unless you have a baby. Those girls are always surrounded with friends.

Today was a good day for me to realize just what Sunday is really about. It's about Christ, his sacrifice for us, and strengthening our spirits so that we can one day be with him again.
In the mess of frustration, I lost sight of that and I'm thankful I was reminded of this.
I also wish that every Sunday was nothing but musical numbers. That's always when my testimony grows. With music.

It's also nice when you bring the dessert to Easter dinner and everyone loves it. But then I remembered I couldn't eat it because it was filled with milk and cream. Good planning on my part for sure.

It's 10:30 and I'm done with homework.
I'd say that it's a successful night.

Happy Easter everyone

28 March 2013

College is confusing.
It's sort of like the real world, but not really. It's more like a gateway.
Nobody knows what they really want, and psychology teachers have the ability to make a 23 year old RM question his beliefs. Poor kid.
This place is a mess.

18 March 2013

Young Married Student Ward

First of all, that title alone is too long to tell people when they ask what ward you are in.

Will and I ave lived here in married student housing since July and it's been quite an experience. While our tiny yet cozy apartment isn't our favorite, we do enjoy it. Our neighbors have a tendency to be a little overbearing at times but we have made a few friends.
I love going to sacrament meeting, and feeling more uplifted than I have all week.
However, I dread Relief Society and Sunday school.
It's filled with babies and pregnant women. While I have nothing against this, and I love playing with all of the babies there, I wish they wouldn't make it seem like that is the lifestyle I need to have. Every Sunday we are asked if anyone is pregnant yet. And I really do mean every Sunday. And yesterday, during ward conference, our stake Relief Society president got up and the first thing she said was how proud and excited she was to see so many pregnant women and new babies here.
While I do see how this is fulfilling a commandment, and how amazing it is to be a mother, some of us are not in that stage of life. Some of us aren't ready.
I was excited when she addressed this, until she said, get ready, stop being scared, and start fulfilling commandments...

This might be my cynical side coming out, but it seems like every lesson revolves around mother hood and how to be a good stay at home mom.

I'm ready to move to a family ward where the lessons can be about doctrine and uplifting ourselves to make us better.

I want to attend church and be uplifted all three hours. I want to leave feeling better about myself.
Lately, I leave feeling worse. Like my lifestyle of working full time and attending school full time is wrong.

This might be a bit to personal for a blog. But I needed to write this all out

17 March 2013

Spicy Sunday

This Sunday for dinner I decided to make chicken enchiladas, per Will's request. Should be a breeze right?
Wrong. This is me we are talking about.
Things were going real good until it came time to spice up my sauce with chili powder. Instead of sprinkling I dumped. A big lump of chili powder dissolved immediately into my simmering sauce. This was our exact conversation-
Me : "Uh oh."
Will from the other room: "What did you break this time?"
Me: Nothing... I just... oops" followed by a mess of giggles.
Will then comes in to the kitchen:"Brenna, there's no way an uh oh followed by that laugh means anything good...especially when it's you. what happened?"

After I explained to him what happened, he gave me a hug and said, good thing I'm from Texas. Tried the sauce and told me how good it was.

He's a good husband
I'm a bad cook
And we're about to have a very interesting dinner.

20 February 2013

Because operas were never my thing.

The Bachelor lost all it's appeal to me when Tierra left. She was really the only entertaining one. Eyebrows and all. I still watch it though, Sean is handsome.

My patience with our cinder block, Manhattan size apartment from the 60's is wearing very thin. Moving day couldn't come soon enough.

Facebook and insta stalking is a big hobby of mine, I started to feel bad but then I saw engagement album of a couple cleaning a church gym with mops.

Operas really are boring. Except for Don Giovanni, I could watch it all day.

There is a vent in our apartment that leads straight outside, we pick up the smells of our downstairs neighbors a lot. They eat a lot of hash browns and pot roast....

12 February 2013


Playing hooky isn't nearly as fun when Will has night classes and I have morning ones...But at least one of us is responsible.

I decided that I need to move somewhere that isn't Utah Valley... For many reasons, but the biggest one I can think of is that I could re-name my blog to something clever and cliche like "19 and married" or "teenage bride" something to that effect. Obviously that isn't that clever around here due to the fact that my whole apartment building are teenage brides.... Boo.

Will and I get to spend Valentines day together this year. Last year we were in different states... so that is exciting. However we will be in a car most of the day.

If I didn't have a paper to turn in at 11:30 I would probably skip all of y responsibilities today. I feel like a day off every now and then is good for the soul.

I really love my job these days, but I really miss Old Navy drama.

I have a new found obsession with Imagine Dragons.

Jef with one f is coming to UVU today, I could care less other than the fact that I doubt there will be parking when I go to school....

I'm still trying to figure out what beauty sleep means... Because I always wake up looking ready to star in a Tim Burton film...

3 cheers for playing hooky

22 January 2013


Connecting with a girl who moved back to Utah from BYU-I to marry her boy that attends BYU. She however, didn't get in to BYU.

Sound like anyone?


She does have red hair though. So at least we're a little different.